The Jewish Studies Library

The Jewish Studies Library opened in 1999 as a branch of the Central University Library Lucian Blaga, Cluj-Napoca. The library holdings come from donations, acquisitions, subscriptions, international exchange and encompass books and periodicals relating to: Jewish history in the Diaspora and in Romania, Holocaust, antisemitism, contemporary politics in Israel, Zionism, religion, Judaism, Jewish culture and civilization, philosophy, literature, arts, biographies, memoirs, correspondence, bibliographies, reference books (encyclopedias and dictionaries). The volumes are in English, Romanian, Hungarian, German, French, Hebrew, and Yiddish and number around 5000 books, 400 volumes of periodicals, 400 articles (excerpts) from various publications, albums, maps and materials about Israel and the Holocaust, audio-video material. The online catalogue of the library is available here and also in a separate offline database to be found at the Jewish Studies Library.

The Jewish Studies Library
13 Croitorilor Street
RO-400162, Cluj-Napoca


The research program aims at uncovering and registering the Jewish reference documents, books and periodicals that are to be found in the Romanian archives and public libraries, in order to reevaluate the rich Jewish historical and cultural traditions in Romania. Important research work has been conducted on Jewish history, the history of the Hebrew books printed in Transylvania, the history of the Yiddish press in Romania. Also, studies on the image of the Transylvanian Jews in the collective memory and of the Holocaust in Romania between history and memory were carried out in partnership with the Institute of Oral History of the Babeş-Bolyai University.

The goals of the research program are:

  • to inventorize archival documents about the Jews in Romania
  • to inventorize Jewish books in Hebrew, Yiddish, Romanian, German, Latin, and Hungarian to be found in the Romanian archives and public libraries
  • to inventorize and research the Jewish cemeteries in Romania
  • to catalogue and microfilm the Jewish periodicals in Hebrew, Yiddish, Romanian, German, Latin and Hungarian to be found in the Romanian archives and public libraries
  • to conduct oral history research on the Holocaust of the Jews in Northern Transylvania, based on testimonies and interviews provided by survivors from this area
  • to convey monographs and academic articles about the Jewish communities in Romania