CFP: Yiddish and Ladino Cultures: Between the Local and the Transnational

The 2018 issue of Studia Judaica will be dedicated to Yiddish and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) cultures in the European Jewish Diaspora, as well as in other parts of the world. We welcome submissions of research articles and book reviews that address all aspects of those cultures, with particular emphasis on the transfer of cultural ideas between the Eastern and Western European Jewish Diaspora, as well as the exchanges and cultural influences between the Jewish Diaspora in Europe and in other parts of the world.

We welcome research articles that are related (but not exclusively limited) to the following themes:

  1. Yiddish and/or Ladino books and newspapers and their circulation; Jewish printing houses and/or their Yiddish/Ladino book production; reading habits as reflected by the lists of prenumeranten (book or newspaper subscribers); private life and customs as reflected by the marginalia (annotated books); Yiddish and/or Ladino newspapers or book collections as promoters of modernity among their readership; history of editions and translations;
  2. Yiddish and/or Ladino literature as a means to promote the transfer of cultural ideas within the European Jewish Diaspora, as well as the connections and mutual cultural exchanges between the European Jews and those in other parts of the world; critical studies of Yiddish literary texts published in books, pamphlets, memoirs, or as newspaper feuilletons; the circulation of religious/secular texts and their influence in creating new literary centres;
  3. Yiddish and/or Ladino in the context of the 19th-20th century Jewish nationalism (Diaspora nationalism, Zionism) and socialism (Bund); continuities, ruptures and transfers between Yiddish and/or Ladino religious texts and the secular literature connected to modern trends in Jewish culture;
  4. Yiddish and/or Ladino in the context of religious or secular education and culture;
  5. Yiddish and/or Ladino theatre with a focus on less frequently discussed theatre plays, playwrights, troupes, and their contribution to Yiddish and/or Ladino cultures, respectively;
  6. Less-known figures from all the above-mentioned categories to whom few or no critical examinations have been dedicated, but who have contributed significantly through their Yiddish and/or Ladino writings to the dissemination of new ideas that altered and shaped the Jewish cultural milieus where they resided;
  7. Mutual influences and exchanges between European, world and Yiddish and/or Ladino literature and culture: parallels, interactions, polemics, models.

We also welcome book reviews (not more than three years from their publication) addressing all aspects of Jewish Studies including history, anthropology, religion, Jewish thought, philosophy, literature and the arts.

The submission deadline for all contributions (research articles and book reviews) is 15 December 2018. Submissions will be subjected to peer-review and final papers will be due 1 May 2019. All final publication decisions will be made by the editors and editorial board of Studia Judaica.

Please send any enquiry to:

Please consult the Submission Policies and Author Guidelines sections for details regarding the preparation of manuscripts.

CFP as PDF available here.